Palm Beach Cuong Nhu

Traditional Martial Arts - For the Modern Family

What We Do

The only martial arts school in Palm Beach County to teach Cuong Nhu Martial Arts, a unique martial art with a traditional feel. Our focus is on friendship, family and fun while building strong minds and bodies. Our curriculum is comprehensive, with elements taken from seven different styles to form a unique system covering self defense, standing/striking techniques, matwork, soft style, hard style, sparring and weapons. We believe martial arts training is about the journey, one that can be started at any age to be continued for a long time.

Our school started as an student activity club on the campus of FAU in Boca Raton, and we have chosen to  open an off campus site to offer Cuong Nhu to the greater community. We are part of an international organization, with sister schools all across Florida and in Europe, Asia and South America. There are several more schools in the S. Florida region that we regularly meet, train and test with, and the headquarters for the Style is in Jacksonville, giving us regular opportunities to work out with the Head of Style and other Masters.

We offer Adult, kids and family programs. No Contracts. Pay month-to-month. 

  • Kata


    Prearranged movements allow practice for body control and instinctive reactions.

  • Weapons


    Practice with weapons increase options for self defense

  • Ground work

    Ground work

    Self defense requires training multiple situations, include ground work.

A dream without action is soon forgotten.

Ngo Dong
Founder - Cuong Nhu